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Meet Our Team

Skydiving is our passion and we love what we do! Everyone in our team has the same can-do mindset.  We’re energetic, experienced and committed to making your skydive a safe and memorable experience that you'll never forget!

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Ed Paxton  Owner/Chief Instructor


Nationality: British/French

Years Skydiving: 20

Number of jumps: 4000

Ed is a dual British/French national who was born in Oman and educated in the UK. After Officer Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he was commissioned into the British Army's  Parachute Regiment. During a 10 year career, he was deployed on operations in Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan. He was selected to command the Red Devils, the oldest full-time parachute display team in the world. He is a United States Parachute Association Tandem Instructor, Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Coach, Display Jumper and Freefall Videographer. He has represented Team GB at World Championships in Canopy Piloting. He has around 4000 skydives and about 100 BASE jumps. He also has a Private Pilot’s License and is a Federal Aviation Authority Senior Rigger.


On leaving the British Army in 2006, Ed moved to the UAE and worked as a Crisis and Risk Management Consultant throughout the Middle East and Africa. Whilst in the UAE he also worked at Skydive Dubai as an instructor and Safety and Training Advisor and was employed by the Jetman Dubai team as a Safety Consultant on two of their projects. He moved to Seychelles in February 2019 and never wants to leave! When he's not skydiving, Ed is an IKO kitesurfing instructor and loves surfing, freediving, snowboarding, fitness, motorbikes and travel. 

Early dreams of parachuting...
Kitesurfing off Necker Island
Red Devils 2005
6-way star with smoke
Team Training Cyprus
UK Canopy Piloting Nationals
Tracking with friends in Dubai
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Brad Merritt  Instructor

Age: 31

Nationality: Australian

Years Skydiving: 11

Number of jumps: 10,000 +

Brad loves a challenge and skydiving has been his mission for the last 10 years. He strives to excel at whatever he does. Meeting his future wife Emma at a dropzone in Australia in 2009 and learning they shared the same vision, it was a match made in heaven. In 2010 they created the freefly skydiving team Azure and went on to compete and medal at multiple world-level competitions, representing the United Arab Emirates. Brad attributes his success in the sport as well as in life, to the amazing support and motivation from his wife Emma, without whom life would be a lot less exciting. 

Interestingly, he started his working career as a chef.  When he’s not outside doing something adventurous, he’s busy in the kitchen coming up with some amazing new healthy delight. If you’re lucky enough, be sure to grab one of his delicious homemade treats available from manifest.  

brad camera

Emma Merritt Customer Relations / Videographer

Age: 28

Nationality: Australian

Years Skydiving: 11

Number of jumps: 5,000 + skydives, 100+ base jumps

At the age of 9 Emma first watched a family member go skydiving, and immediately her passion for skydiving was born. Ever since doing her first tandem on her 14th birthday, she has never stopped jumping. With a determined attitude and a pure love of the sport, Emma has become one of the most accomplished all-round female skydivers in the world. Starting her skydiving career working on a dropzone in Australia, she quickly excelled and was soon offered an opportunity in Dubai where she has been living with her husband Brad for the last 6 years. Along with being on a skydiving team, Emma was also selected to be on multiple UAE National teams where she excelled as a coach and camera flyer in a whole range of disciplines. She is a multiple skydiving world record holder and has competed at many world level events including 3 World Championships.

Her passion for outdoor sports doesn't just stop at skydiving, Emma also loves to BASE jump, freedive, surf, kitesurf and is also a qualified swim coach and lifeguard.

Emma’s positive energy and zest for life is infectious. She loves to share her knowledge and love of her sport with everyone. So if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know about skydiving, be sure to have a chat to Emma… you’ll find her in the plane, on the packing mat, in the editing room or at the check-in desk.

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