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We are the only centre owned and operated by professional skydivers in Seychelles. Come and skydive into paradise with us!

Jump from 10,000ft securely attached to your instructor and freefall for nearly a minute at speeds of up to 120mph! 


At Skydive Seychelles we live to share our passion and expertise to deliver extraordinary experiences in an extraordinary environment.

We are working hard to launch in 2022 and will be based out of Praslin Airport. We are the the only skydiving centre in Seychelles owned and operated by professional skydivers with years of experience. 
We guarantee you an absolutely unique experience where your safety and enjoyment are our absolute priority!

Please contact us below for further information and be amongst the first to jump with us!

Tandem Skydive First Timers

Tandem skydiving makes the thrill of skydiving accessible to nearly everyone and is the ideal method for making your first skydive. 


Learn to skydive

with us! 

Discover everything about Accelerated Free Fall with our AFF skydive experience.

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